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Smart Digital Menu

Look through the entire list of food items in just one go with the respective images.

Smart digital menu

Ingredients Modifier

Add, remove or change the ingredients seamlessly.

Smart digital menu with ingredient customization

Extensive Reporting

Keep track of the sales and orders with the smart reporting feature.

Restaurant repoting system

Audio Feedback

Get yourself heard. Just record your message and share it directly with the authorities.

Digital feedback system for restaurants

Addictive games

Play addictive games and avoid getting bored while waiting for the delicious food to pamper your hungry stomach.

Play games in restaurants

Astonishing videos

Excite your kids and yourself by watching exciting animated and non-animated videos.

Watch online videos in restaurants

Soothing music

Boost your mood, pamper your family or partner with the soothing music.

Listen to music in restaurants

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Quic Quik Table Top

Tabletop for restaurant

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Smart Dining

Quic Quik is a brand new way for restaurants and hotels to attract their potential customers and untapped market of new customers with its highly impressive and attractive On-Table Ordering and Payment System. It will insanely benefit your restaurant industry with its awe-inspiring features and functionality. It is a digital solution for all the problems you and your customers can ever face with your restaurant business.

restaurant ordering, entertainment, and payment solutions

Digital Menu

It is time to abandon the outdated paper menus with boring ordering process. Digital menu offers a smart menu that not only let you place the order but also see what are you going to get served with.

Ingredients Modifier

Now what about the smart ingredient modifier in the digital menu that allows you to choose the quantity of modifiable ingredients according to your taste. After all choice must me yours.


Precised timer gives you an accurate interpretation of the time your dish will require to be served on the table. What could be more relaxing than that?

restaurant tabletop solution


No, we are not leaving you in boredom and weariness while you are waiting for your order. You have still got your favorite music, exciting videos and stunning games to keep you engaged and excited.


No more need to share you personal details with the waiters. Now share your experience, whether good or bad, directly with the management and get your problems solved in no time.

Payment on table

Pay safe and pay directly right from your table without having to let someone else use your card or sneaking to the card reader while entering your details. You are on the safe side now.

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Why Quic Quik

Because, everyone hates waiting.

What's more to ask for a menu if you can have beautiful photographs and detailed description of dishes on it? Let your customers place the order whenever they are ready for it.

Let your customers dine in peace

Your guests can order whatever they want and whenever they want.

Crafting the dining experience

Let your guests order, pay and play at their own will and convenience. Let them craft their dining experience just in the way they want.

Make your restaurant stand out

Be at the cutting edge of the greatest inventions of the restaurant industry. Be the leaders.

improve your restaurant sales

Boost your sales like never before

Grab the spontaneous orders consistent upselling and scrumptious food. With the self-service, the table turns will get freakingly faster and so do the sales. The HD dish images will tempt your guests to order more that will result into big boost in sales.

increase your profit

Upsell all of the time

Never miss an opportunity to upsell. QUIC QUIK prompts financier for option on any item your kitchen cooks.

Get more order in restaurant

Quench all the spontaneous orders

Your diners, when craving for more delight and deliciousness, can view, order and pay without having the second thoughts.

Promote with digital images

Let the eyes feel the hunger

Know the art of alluring your audience. Let those pixel perfect and high definition pictures exaggerate the actual hunger within and make your guests crave more and order more.

Remarkably Faster Table Turn

No one likes to wait. So, why let them wait? Take the edge off of waiting time and let your customers order and pay themselves.

Self-ordering in restaurant

Give Your Customers the Actual Control

Empower your guests to order and pay themselves and give them a break from being crowded in a queue.

Increase sales with faster tableturn

Faster Table Table Turn Means Faster Sales

Faster table turns make your customers get in and get out faster. Tables can get free in less time and more customers can be seated.

Rapid ROI

Do not make assumptions, let the reports say it loud to you. The check average will be higher, the waiter's efficiency will be better, the sales will boost, entertainment features will generate more revenue and the table turn will remarkably get faster. All of this will lead you to insane increase in profit.

Increased Profit

Your profits will increase significantly and Quic Quik will track the progress for you. Get detailed insights to total profit made and revenue generated with Quic Quik.

Increase restaurant profit

Experience the benefits from day 1

Sleek operations, higher sales, and satisfied customers will make you benefits out-sized.

Easy Installation

Quite easy installation. We will come with the device, install it in your restaurant, and train your staff in just couple of hours.

restaurant point of sale system

QUIC QUIK is compatible with your POS

It works efficiently with all POS system. You can easily integrate it with your POS or you can use it without any POS at all.

pay safe with restaurant POS

Pay securely with QUIC QUIK

QUIC QUIK is PCI PA-DSS certified service provider. There is just nothing to worry about the security.

Train your staff for quicquik

On-site training for your staff

We train your staff so that they can bring out their best practices and match the efficiency of QUIC QUIK.

Detailed Analysis

Whatever you know about your customers, QUIC QUIK knows it better and ten times more. It keeps record of all the email logins and most popular dishes of your restaurant. You can easily track your sales and calculate the rise in your profits.

restaurant reporting tool

Powerful Tools

With its powerful tools, track the operation metrics, menu trends and the profitability. It's powerful dashboard allows you to monitor the table status and feedbacks of the customers.

increase revenue with games, music, videos

Know your trending games, music, and videos

Quic Quik keeps track of your orders and gives you details about the most trending food items, games, and videos.

digital feedback

Fix the issues before your guest leave

You have this wild opportunity to act on the customers? feedback before they leave the restaurant. You have that chance to fix the issues and make them coming back for more.

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QUIC QUIK is the India's first "Tabletop device" that enables customer to order the food, play games, listen to the music, watch videos and pay bills from their table without waiting for the waiters. It features a smart digital menu that displays the HD images of dishes and accurate details of ingredients used in the dish. The digital menu also enables customers to choose the quantity of modifiable ingredients with the help of ingredient modifier. You can order food and customize it with the help of QUIC QUIK.
QUIC QUIK has the smart printer inside that prints your receipt. While proceeding for the payment, you are redirected to a screen where you will be asked if you need the receipt or not.
  • If you want the hard copy of the receipt, tap on PRINT option. You will get the hard copy of the bill.
  • If you want the soft copy of the bill in your Email inbox, click on the MAIL ME? option and then enter your e?mail. A copy of the bill will be mailed to you.
Choose the CARD as payment method. Swipe the card through the card reader. Enter the essential details and proceed to pay.
Yes, it is completely safe to pay using card on QUIC QUIK. All the transactions are encrypted and secure.
You are automatically redirected to the feedback screen when you make your payment or you can share your feedback by clicking on the feedback icon on the home screen of QUIC QUIK. You can share your feedback by entering the necessary details on the feedback screen and then submit it. You can also share the audio feedback by choosing the Audio Feedback option and then recording your message.


QUIC QUIK is the India's first "Tabletop device" that makes the 'Ordering System Quick', provides an 'Entertainment source' along with best food service and adds an 'Extra Revenue generation' for Restaurant and Hotel owners.
Yes, it is completely possible. We can install QUIC QUIK tabletops in the hotel rooms and poolside tables too. Your guests can easily browse your menu from the hotel room as well as the poolside and order whatever they want. With this facility, your customers won?t need to walk out of pool or the room to order something. They can simply browse menu from the poolside and their room to order whatever they want.
Our team comes to you and trains all your staff? This is a one time training. We also train your wait staff to assist your guests on using the QUIC QUIK tabletops while ordering food, playing games, watching videos and paying the bills. After the professional training, a manual containing user?s guide and admin?s guide will be given to you that explains all its working.

Our customer care helpline is always available if you need any kind of assistance.
We offer you both 6 months warranty period and 12 months warranty period depending upon the package you choose. If the device is in warranty period, it will be replaced by us.
The QUIC QUIK helps in generating more revenue through: Paid Games, Music and Videos. You can generate a handsome amount of revenue through paid games, music and videos.

Faster Table Turns: QUIC QUIK incorporates the self service through smart digital menu which leads to the faster table turns. Faster table turns boost the sales and help you generate more revenue.

Increased Sales: HD images of the dishes on the digital menu attract more eyes and encourage your guests to order more and hence give your sales a big boost.

Advertising: You can place the ads on your tabletops and make awesome money through it.

About Us

Quic Quik's tabletops are meant to incorporate the seamless digital menu and trouble-free payment process that let your customers to see your services through the rose-tinted glasses where everything seem so convenient, glorifying and overwhelming. We work with our philosophy to create the technology that is absolute fun and equally lovable

Our innovative thoughts and surpassing creativity are mere the products of the difficulties faced by people in hotels and restaurants from placing orders to paying the bills. At the same time, we are furnishing the tablet with the features like games, videos, music to make the user experience better. Our vision is inspired by Prime Minister’s vision of Make In India, Digital India, and Cashless India and world’s Go Green campaign. Our dream is to create the astounding experience that will leave all of your customers oblivious that they will forget about all your blemishes. With Quic Quik, we are not only meant to bestow the excellent user experience but we also strive to expand your business, yield more profit and foster revenue through other in-app features.

Our skilled and dedicated team has put every single strand of their hair and every single part of them to craft this masterpiece. This work-of-art took enthusiastic diligence of our deterministic team for 2 whole years and we came out with living dream of ours which, now, is going to be the dream of every restaurant and hotel to take their business to next level and new extremes.

Press Release

Inspired by the Prime Minister's vision of Make in India, Digital India, & Go Cashless India, QUIC QUIK is the first table ordering, pay-at-the-table and entertainment tabletop for restaurant industry. With Quic Quik, we are also promoting Green Revolution by endorsing the minimization of paper use. This restaurant innovation features a 7-inch android touch screen tabletop with the credit/debit card reader, thermal printer and in-built battery booster that reside on each table to offer the real sense of self service to the customers. It enable the guests to browse the digital menu, order food, customize orders with the help of ingredient modifier, play exciting games, listen to the music, watch videos and pay the bill on demand by giving them the control over their dining experience. This revolutionizing tabletop is meant to transform the boring dining experience from its roots and revive the art of dining. No one understands the economics of dining better than QUIC QUIK.

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News and Event

Quic Quik, India’s first on table ordering payment and entertainment system, is all set to make its first appearance at Hoppin RestoBar at Elante Mall, Chandigarh. The roll out is expected to happen next week. Once these tabletops have been successfully deployed, guests will be able to order food, play games, pay bills, and give feedbacks from their table. It would be interesting to see how people will adapt to this new technology invading restaurants.

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