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Quic Quik Trademark Policy

QUIC QUIK provides a smart and interactive way of self-service in the hotels and restaurants with the features like pay-at-table, table-ordering, entertainment, feedback and other related services. Considerable amount of time and the resources has been expended by QUIC QUIK to develop and protect the family of trademarks and logos that we call the Marks.

This trademark policy is meant to describe our policies and practices in order to protect our Marks. When you copy, use, or download any of our marks, you indirectly indicate that you ve agreed to be bound by this policy. In case you don t agree to this policy, you should not download, copy or use the Marks included in QUIC QUIK s website at any cost.

The information and any content that is provided with this website are subject to change and it can be changed at any time without notice. The users themselves must check the policies, terms of use, privacy policy, and disclaimers as their responsibility. The users must check them before or while using the website. Unless you are a new user, all the changed policies and agreements will be binding you 14 calendar days after they are officially posted on the website. If you re a new user, all the changed policies will be binding you immediately.

1. Notice
The company holds all the rights to change and discontinue any aspect or feature of the Marks. It may also ask you to discontinue the use of older and changed versions of the Marks at any time.

2. Approved Users
All the users are required to follow the Fair Usage Rules listed in this policy whenever they want to use any of our Marks for the press releases and other legitimate uses from the company. In addition to those rules, company holds the rights to provide you the further requirements such as size typeface, colors and other graphic characteristics of the marks. In case the company provides you all these requirements before the approval, you must implement them before actually using the Marks. Initially, if we have given you the approval and then later we ask you to implement some of our requirements, then those requirements must be implemented within 3 business days.

3. Fair Usage Rules
If you have been granted the permission to use our marks, you should always consider following fair usage rules:
a) The mark must be distinguished from the surrounding text in some way. You can do it by capitalizing, italicizing, bolding the entire mark.
b) A generic term must be used following the mark.
c) You must use only the company approved logo or artwork.

4. Unapproved Users
The users willing to make use of our marks for third-party advertising or marketing material without our consent are not approved by us. For examples, our marks must not be used for the case studies, client referral list, online ads, sales presentations, print ads etc. Please do not share out marks for signage, trade show booths, product demonstrations etc.

5. Contact Us
In case you have any queries and suggestions regarding this policy, you can contact us at:

Reach Us

  • Plot no. F-7, Phase-8, Ind. area, Mohali, Punjab 160055, India.
  • 0172-5095929, 0172-5020422

News and Event

Quic Quik, India’s first on table ordering payment and entertainment system, is all set to make its first appearance at Hoppin RestoBar at Elante Mall, Chandigarh. The roll out is expected to happen next week. Once these tabletops have been successfully deployed, guests will be able to order food, play games, pay bills, and give feedbacks from their table. It would be interesting to see how people will adapt to this new technology invading restaurants.